Mark Leno

Leno introduces bill to bolster City College funding, draws fire to Special Trustee


First City College of San Francisco’s accreditation was provisionally revoked, then students left in droves. Teachers soon started leaving too. Two interim chancellors were hired, then left. 

Through it all, many thought, “won’t someone cut the school a break?” Now someone significant is trying to.Read more »

When conservatives love Leno


State Sen. Mark Leno is used to facing opposition. His efforts to regulate chemicals, end gender discrimination in insurance, and force cell-phone makers to come clean about radiation levels put him up against some of the most powerful interest groups in the state. Read more »

Willie Brown and Ammiano's pot bill


Assemblymember Tom Ammiano’s new medical marijuana bill seems pretty straightforward. Almost everyone in the medpot biz thinks there ought to be some sort of statewide regulations for a growing industry that operates in a mish-mash of local jurisdictions with no overall rules. If nothing else, consumer-protection policies ought to be in place. Read more »

Should bars be open until 4 am?


State Sen. Mark Leno is introducing a bill that would allow (not require, allow) cities to designate areas where bars could stay open and serve alcohol until 4 am. It's not going to lead to a rampage of all-night drinking -- the bill calls for a three-stage approval system that would allow public input at every step. But it might allow a handful of clubs in the city to stay open later -- something that works just fine in a lot of other places, including most of New York State.Read more »

Finally, a way to get toxics out of furniture


Gov. Jerry Brown has finally done what the state Legislature refused for six years to do: He's eliminating the requirement that household furniture and children's cribs, car seats, and strollers be treated with toxic flame-retardant chemicals.Read more »

Gascon skips valuable reform panel


District Attorney George Gascon didn't show up for the town hall meeting that Sen. Mark Leno held on criminal justice reform last night. Gascon was scheduled to appear on a panel with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Chief Probation Officer Wendy Still, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and Police Chief Greg Suhr (who also didn't show, sending Commander John Murphy instead).Read more »

Bad and good news from the Guv


First, the bad news: Jerry Brown has vetoed a couple of important bills by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, showing that he's still a strange and unpredictable guy. He rejected a measure that would have provided some basic labor protections to domestic workers and another that would have opened up state prisons to a modicum of media access. Read more »

The GOP has no answer on the state budget


The Republican leaders in Sacramento have absolutely no solutions to the state budget problems. They're against the guv's tax plan for November, they're against raising any new revenue, they have their facts completely wrong -- and they have no alternatives to offer.Read more »