Mayor's race

The Rise of Candidate X

The absolutely true story of how a complete unknown rocketed from political obscurity, electrified the city, tackled real problems, and beat Ed Lee in 2015. 



As we move through tumultuous times in San Francisco and start a year with infinite political potential, we decided to stretch our imaginations a bit. While this is clearly a work of satire that appropriates some local media voices and perspectives, we hope that even its most fantastical moments will give this parable some resonance with our readers. Happy new year!

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The selling of Ed Lee

How a career bureaucrat became interim mayor and blossomed into a full-blown politician


Ed Lee has gone through a remarkable makeover in the last year, transformed from the mild-mannered city bureaucrat who reluctantly became interim mayor to a political powerhouse backed by wealthy special interests waging one of the best-funded and least transparent mayoral campaigns in modern San Francisco history.Read more »

Guardian forum: Everybody loves public power


The Guardian candidates' forum was a blast -- standing room only at the LGBT Center, a great, lively crowd, and most of the candidates for mayor showed up. Not Ed Lee, though -- we invited him, but he was a no-show. That's typical -- he's skipped the vast majority of the mayoral debates and events, and when he does show up, he leaves early.Read more »

BART, PG&E targeted for protests


Protesters plan to descend upon downtown San Francisco on Sept. 8 and 9, as two separate groups of organizers are calling for mobilizations against the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E). Read more »

A lame attack on Avalos and Adachi


The Examiner headline today is about as misleading as you can get: "Labor leaders unite against mayor candidates Jeff Adachi, John Avalos."Read more »

What the mayoral polls mean


We've seen a lot of polls on the mayor's race, and they're all pretty similar to the one the Examiner reported today: Ed Lee has about 30 percent of the vote, and everyone else is in a big, undifferentiated pack way back in the single digits. A couple of thoughts to put this in perspective:Read more »

Altered signs and Daly’s "Let Ed Be" campaign


So, last night I was having a drink at the Buck Tavern, aka Daly’s Dive because former Sup. Chris Daly runs the place, when I spotted this sign (see photo) behind the bar. Basically, it’s a competition ( with a $100 cash prize) to see who can best alter the Ed Lee sign that's being used in the RunEdRun Facebook campaign, and thus co-opt it into Daly’s “Let Ed Be” Facebook page campaign. Read more »

If they can’t draft Ed Lee, can they write him in?


Courtroom Connect President and former Goldman Sachs employee Michael Breyer sent out an email today, in which he stated that hundreds of San Franciscans are calling for Ed Lee to run for Mayor in November.  Read more »

Hall blasts Treasure Island deal


Mayoral candidate Tony Hall, who also happens to be a former executive director of the Treasure Island Development Authority, just blasted Mayor Ed Lee's endorsement of the Treasure Island deal:Read more »

Avalos introduces SF-San Mateo Local Hire agreement


Last year, when Sup. John Avalos introduced and eventually won passage of the city’s landmark local hiring ordinance, a number of battles broke out, as folks in neighboring municipalities began fretting that the new law could shut them out of construction jobs in San Francisco. Avalos worked hard to make sure their concerns were addressed, but he continued to encounter resistance from San Mateo County. Read more »